Build Your Business FAST & Profitably — Group Coaching Program


Nothing happens in business without a sale being madePatti facilitating PFW INC group

In this online program, Patti will share her secrets from her years of insider experience to help you succeed and to help your business grow FAST!

You will start with the basics of how to grow a business based on Patti’s 30+ years of doing just that.

Some of you may need a gentle attitude adjustment as to what sales is really all about. In her experience, much of that is based on myths and misconceptions and bad sales experiences which are generally NOT the norm, especially in B2B selling.

It’s all about helping others. Selling is NOT something you do to someone else, you make it easy for people to buy from you. 

Patti will help take away any fear that you might have of sales and selling – GUARANTEED!

Some clients may already be okay at sales but they’ve never been trained. It becomes a whole lot easier once someone explains that there is a specific process, discipline and specific techniques which will make it so much easier and effective. This online class will save you time and money and help you sell more and faster.

You’ll stop spinning your wheels chasing bad prospects.

This program is meant for anyone who has had little to no formal sales training. It will provide an easy-to-follow guide to success in developing your business, no matter what business you are in.

It really doesn’t matter what you sell– sales is simple once you know how. You must learn from an entrepreneurial expert seller, not someone who’s used to training sales departments as it’s too much information that is not applicable to most small businesses and solopreneurs.

After this course, you will go from sales being scary to sales being simple. She will help you to create some simple habits using some basic sales tools to make sure you are on track for a banner year.

Plus these skills last you a lifetime!