Sales can be quite simple and straightforward once you get the hang of it and get some practice in selling using a smart sales system. Here are the four key ways to make sales simple:

#1. Be Prepared

Google them, find out about them and their company and WHY they need you. If you haven’t figured out why they need you, then you have NO business calling on them.  Have a list of questions prepped to show that you have done your homework. Assume that they already know who you are and what you do. You have to divulge your secret sauce once you know what they want

#2. Qualifying QuestionsElephant big ears

In sales, you are only paid to think and speak. The better and close that you listen carefully and think about everything about the prospect from what is in their office, hanging on their walls to their body language to the actual tone and words that they use are all key indicators of how to sell to them.   I mean – how to help them buy from you.

And to figure out why they are a great prospect for your product or service, you need to take them on a guided conversation that is full of your prepped qualifying questions. And these first few questions are generally the same for all prospects. Where they differ is in the next step.

#3. Active Listening

It helps to be quick on your toes when it comes to sales. Improv training is highly recommended for exercising that muscle in your brain that only gets exercise in front of a prospect. So you’ve been asking them all the right questions, you have then show that you’re actually listening by then tailoring the conversation around to what you provide.

Assuming you do believe you’re in front of some who can benefit from what you offer, then you have to gently let them tell you how they can benefit from your product by explaining what results and outcomes that they are looking for. So from your list of prepped questions, you then start asking question that come as a result of something that the prospect has said.

#4. Show Them the Value!

It’s all about value. That is what people buy, the perceived value that you bring them. The results, the outcomes. They don’t care how you do as long as you do bring them the value.

Here’s a great article by Adrian Davis, a true master of sales on the changing role of sales account managers. Some great points on how to tone down the aggressive sales hunter personality. Sales professionals with the farmer personality win by becoming more strategic and knowledgeable.

It’s quality over quantity, after all – you can only sell to one person at a time!

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